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PostSubject: PEDDLERS OF FLESH GET A TOUCH OF CLASS!   Sun Apr 20, 2008 11:08 pm

They drive posh cars, live in expensive houses and wear fashionable imported clothing.
They are a new breed of commercial sex workers who are to be found in high-end estates like Hurlingham, Kileleshwa, Westlands, Lang’ata, Nyayo High Rise and Parklands.
‘Ripe ‘n Juicy’, ‘New Somali Doubles’, ‘Full Styles-Westlands’, ‘Erotic’, ‘24 Hour Hot Suckers’, ‘Swit Charmy chicks’ — these are just few of the adverts put out by outfits that market these high class call girls.
Move over, Koinange Street. Today’s prostitute has all the trappings of a professional woman.
A ring run by international business people is recruiting jobless young Kenyan women into the flesh trade.
And although the business is still illegal in Kenya, these unregistered companies are running the trade in a most sophisticated manner.
One way of reaching the customer is through short and well-designed newspaper adverts classified only as ‘Beauty’.
As a measure of how well organised these flesh hawkers are, they have even come up with a regularly updated website:, where the girls advertise their services.
Crazy Monday traced one of the advertisements to a house in Milimani in Nairobi, where we found that the manager of one the ‘beauty parlours’ is an Asian woman .
Ponky (not her real name) informed us that they offer a wide range of services to customers visiting their parlour.
"We have a range of services to meet the desires of customers," she enthused. "There are those who request for women from abroad, say Italians, Indians or Nigerians, and then there are others who insist on particular ethnic communities in Kenya."
She revealed that they try to ensure the availability of an extensive racial and ethnic mix to meet most of their customers’ requirements.
Ponky’s parlour, which is situated just 300 metres from State House, Nairobi, is a 24-hour brothel hosting all types of men including a veritable who is who in the country’s business and political circles.
When we arrived posing as potential customers at another parlour in the Kileleshwa area known as Vicky’s Massage Parlour, housed in a posh mansion, a woman at the reception said, "Just a moment, there is a prominent customer currently making his selection from among the beauties we have. He doesn’t want anyone to see him so would you mind waiting just a minute?"
We learnt that at the parlour, one parts with Sh1,500 for an hour and half of sex for local women while it costs Sh5,000 for a foreign one.
In some of the sex dens, watchmen are under strict instructions to verify the type of customers who arrive and instruct them that photography is not allowed inside.
"The boss doesn’t allow photography here," we were told by Cindy, one of the call girls at a ‘beauty parlour’ in Kileleshwa. "Someone came here and took some photographs and it caused problems that threatened the survival of our business."
We also found out that most of the parlours are members of the unrecognised Female Commercial Sex Workers (FCSW) union.

A thrilling business
Many of the parlours are owned by wealthy foreign businesswomen who only come to Kenya to monitor how the businesses are going. They hire Kenyan executives to run the businesses on their behalf as they traverse the world searching for new girls to recruit.
We learnt from one of the parlours that though they operate on a 24-hour basis, business picks up after 5pm when men leaving work drive into the brothels to entertain themselves and relax before going home.
"During the day we have little business, with just a few men who sneak from their offices and businessmen who drop in for some massage and a good time. But we do well from 5pm," a manager at one of the parlours told us.
We also learnt that some of the landlords of the posh houses may not be aware that such businesses are going on in their premises.
Most of the tenants only make a ‘deal’ with the security guards at the gate who are given kickbacks to keep mum about what really goes on there.
Top policemen in areas where such a business is situated are also said to be well taken care of, and benefit greatly from the multimillion trade.
At a brothel in Westlands, we learnt that more than 20 girls operate in shifts, with some working during the day and others at night.
The local women, we learnt, are paid monthly salaries ranging between Sh30,000 and Sh40,000 by the outfits running the businesses.
Those who attract a high number of customers benefit from bonuses to encourage them.
A college student known by her trade name of Brandy, who plies her trade from a girls’ hostel in the city, confided to us that she makes up to Sh35,000 in a week when business is good.
"It a thrilling business," she says. "I was forced into it due to hardship and the harsh living conditions, and now I pay my own fee and still have something left over to send to my mother who is a widow."
Her mother believes that she is the beneficiary of a lucrative internship with an international NGO in the city.
Women from foreign countries like Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, India and Italy are all paid different rates since they attract more money from those clients who wish to sample exotic tastes.
The people running these businesses are said to have struck a deal with employment bureaus in the city, which target photogenic women who are recruited into the trade.
A ‘job’ advertisement on one website gives tips on who is qualified for the jobs which are classified under four categories — ‘call girls’, ‘escorts’, ‘callboys’ and ‘photo models’. The advert requires that one must be between 18 and 35 years.
The ‘job’ begins as soon as one is declared qualified and a salary of Sh1,450 per hour is said to be payable thereafter.
The girls in the trade include Standard Eight leavers, Form Four leavers, diploma and even degree holders. Some are college and university students.
Some married women are also said to be engaged in the business, but insist on daytime shifts to make sure that their husbands do not catch on.
The parlours have also made arrangements with dealers in sex enhancing drugs to boost their business.
An aphrodisiacs dealer at a shop on Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi told us that he does a thriving business supplying these drugs to the brothels.
"They pay very well and they don’t take anything on credit," he says. "Some of them are my good customers."
We were shocked to also learn of the use of under aged girls in the business and one of the managers told us that it was due to the ever-increasing demand by some local clientele and tourists who insist on girls aged either16 or 17.
Apart from women, we learnt that men are also offering sexual services to women and their business is run in the same style.
"Ooh I’m sorry, we offer services to women only. Please let us help you hook up with a female parlour," a man who took our call said.
Single women and divorcees in high-ranking positions or successful businesses are particularly targeted by the male prostitutes.
Some of the women pick up their partners from the parlours and drive them to their homes for the night.
It is claimed that some female executives in the city are mad about the young men who are eager and willing no matter the time.
Lesbians and homosexuals are also joining the lucrative business, which we learnt is attracting a high number of young men and women.
The gays and lesbians are also advertising their services in the newspapers as the rot continues to spread.

In a shocking revelation, one of the bureaus alleges to pocket close to Sh300,000 a day from the services delivered by some of the 20 girls in its stable.
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